About us

ADVANCITY, The Smart Metropolis Hub

Getting together, innovating, undertaking projects

DVANCITY, a catalyst for innovation, is the meeting, in Paris area between:

  • opportunities for green growth,¬†accentuated by the Grenelle de l‚ÄôEnvironnement process, which naturally concern the 183 businesses in the cluster, including its 17 world-leading companies and some forty small and medium-sized enterprises and industries, producers and operators in the energy, transport, environment, civil engineering and construction fields, engineering companies, and companies providing services to local authorities and to industry;
  • and an exceptional melting pot of skills: over 200 laboratories, the Environment Ministry¬†major scientific establishments, the Ile-de-France‚Äôs top schools and universities, and private research facilities.

In six years, Advancity has examined over 450 projects of which more than 158 have receivec financing, representing a total investment of ‚ā¨460 million in reasearch and innovation.

From eco-technologies to the city

ADVANCITY is involved in 4 major economic sectors

  • Urban and spatial planning and development
  • Housing and construction
  • Mobility and transport
  • Resources and environment


In France, cities represent 90% of GDP, 80% of the population, 75% of total energy consumption, and 2/3 of greenhouse gases. The reestablishment of an urban metabolism that is more economic with resources, more environmentally friendly and yet still active, attractive and open, constitutes one of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century. And, in order to take up the challenge of the cities of tomorrow, innovations play a crucial role.

Instigating innovation

   The main goal of the cluster is to instigate innovation, to irrigate the industrial fabric of Paris region with new skills and innovative projects. For this purpose, it is necessary to develop an interface of open collaboration, without partitions, linking centres of competency which constitute powerful engines of innovation, once they are brought together.

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The strength of ADVANCITY resides in its capacity to invigorate and perpetuate the synergies between stakeholders ensuring that collaborative projects are completed and result in concrete commercial perspectives.

 The rapid deployment of eco-technologies in the service of the sustainable development of cities is fuelling numerous areas of fundamental research, of technological development and of engineering that only a network can deal with in an integrated way.

Every week, innovative small and medium-sized companies are rallying to the ranks of the founding members. For these champions of innovation, the competitiveness cluster is a genuine project accelerator, continuously providing the opportunities of acquiring the comparative advantages that ensure their sustainability and reinforce their attractiveness.

Territorial dynamics

One of the main goal of Advancity is to develop the French offer, relying on the potential of the Paris Region.

Furthermore, Advancity team leads its network of members and partners from its office located in the Cité Descartes in Marne-la-Vallée, right in the middle of heart of the innovative center of the sustainable city.