Advancity, an ecosystem for sustainable urban innovation

Advancity, the sustainable cities cluster, gathers more than 241 members ( 160 SME – EIS and 18 worldwide groups, 31 higher education insitutes and 31 territorial authorities). Together, they explore the fields of innovation within 4 Strategic Committees, authentic workshops for the emergence of projects.

Two fundamental goals organize the vision of a sustainable city within our 4 committees:

– Its “decarbonisation“, that is to say the reduction of the levels of greenhouse gaz emissions linked to the city’s growth and functionning

– Its adequacy to the fundamental needs of men women, and future children that will live in the city: the increase of housing availability is to be linked with a bigger demand for a city where it is possible to live in better conditions. This assume:

  • a competitive city, that is to say able to produce goods or services in conditions at least equal to those in other cities or territories,
  • a creative city, that has training, teaching and research institutions and a reknown cultural offer,
  • ¬†a friendly city, offering public spaces to make communication between people and mobility within the city easier,
  • ¬†a consensual city, that can take into account demands from the inhabitants, regarding its organization, functionning and its “co-construction”.


This vision skeches a model of european city which is the reference for Advancity. The Strategic Committees work in service of this model city through 17 markets:

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As the unique cluster on sustainable cities, ADVANCITY will contribute to the development of a network of exchange and skills on the national level, in gathering the different clusters and the innovative cities.

The international development of Advancity is in the heart of our strategy for the period 2013-2018. One goal is to guide and help our members on their development on the international level, and to contribute in the process of partnerships. Under the brand “Advancity” we will promote the know-how of our members on¬†the¬†international scale.¬†


Download a short brochure presenting our strategy (last edit РMay 2014)